Metalworking fluids have a great environmental impact, during all stages of the life cycle.

The main environmental effort is therefore to prolong the life of the fluid;

  • Reducing the amount of carbon emissions by minimizing industrial oil consumption since our technology extend the change times of contaminated coolant by a minimum of 2 times
  • By reducing the need for the disposal of the waste coolant that occurs during the change, our technology minimize the amount of carbon emissions from the production stage of the coolant to the disposal of their wastes.
  • Preventing the amount of water in the waste liquid from being wasted by changing the coolant rarely.
  • By destroying the bacteria formed in the contaminated coolants, preventing the deterioration of the structure of the coolant and ensuring employee health safety.
  • With our project, we contribute to 13 of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals.

    We aim to be a global technology which enables production facilities to produce less carbon, prevent unnecessary water consumption, and ensure that employee health is not endangered by given advantages above.

    Thanks to local and/or global sales and investments that we will close, we aim to accelerate the R&D studies of our existing technology to the highest level and to develop new technologies within our organization with the aim of clean environment with carbon free or reduced technologies.