Recool Technologies - Cooling Filtering System

CNC machines provide metal processing in the many production fields to shape the products. Heat is generated during shaping in CNC machine tools such as lathes, milling cutters, planers, drills, saws and grinders. Coolant (cooling fluids) is used as auxiliary fluids in order to reduce the harmful effects of heat generated during operations, extend the life of the cutting tool and increase efficiency. Coolant extends tool life and helps to achieve a good surface finish.

Coolant includes mixed content of special oils at an average of 5 percent and 95 percent water.These coolants get dirty due to external factors such as dust, sawdust residue, sledge oil, hydraulic oil mixed in during production, and a muddy layer forms on them. Due to this layer, oxygen-free breathing bacteria reproduce inside, creating bad odors and causing the cooling liquid to be changed by disrupting its structure.


Prototype Model

Production Model

RC-001 is a mobile bacteria-destroying technology, it can provide service to 10-15 benches depending on tank capacities by moving it between CNC machines. Thanks to the sensors and software inside, instant data is obtained, filtering processes are kept under control and ease of use is provided to companies.

Solid particles in the coolant are separated from the liquid by keeping them with filters up to the level of 5 to 10 microns.

External oils such as hydraulic and skid oil mixed in the coolant are separated by making use of the density differences. We transfer these external oils that we separate to an evacuable tank in our machine.

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